Melissa Morimoto

my Mission is to:


Education is the best way to change your habits. Here you will learn about the benefits of a healthy Nutrition and how food can prevent and treat chronic diseases.



My consultation includes 5 steps to change your relationship with food.

1. Getting to know you and health conditions, life habits and your relationship with food

2. A meal plan that fits your routine and habits

3. How to create your own recipes and your food identity

4. Body composition analysis (only in person)

5. Adjusting your meal plan

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Client love

september 2018

“I have always struggled to get my diet right. As a person who travels for a living it was incredibly hard to find a nutritionist that understand how to help me design a plan that really works for me. After a month of being on Melissa’s plan I have lost weight, slimmed out and feel like I have a ton of energy. Melissa is kind, patient, understandable and incredibly knowledgeable! I have learned so much from her. I highly recommend her and within weeks of her plan I noticed significant difference. Thank you Melissa for all your hard work." - Teddy Anderson

july 2018

“The only nutritionist who treats our diet as a whole thing to be evaluated: physical, emotional and biochemical profiles and makes it clear that each individual has different needs and shows simple ways to help improve their diet without much sacrifice.” - Domingos Neto

march 2017

“It was through this beautiful professional that I managed to lose 7 kg just in time for my son's graduation - with a good diet and a good conversations! Nutritionist also sometimes has to play the role of psychologist, and it helps a lot. And Dr. Melissa does that role very well!” - Teresa Costa

october 2017

“Extremely attentive and dedicated to understanding your needs and how she can help you, Melissa writes down your entire history and your routine - from there - creates a specific meal plan for you. I fell in love with her tranquility, her mastery of explaining things to me and making me understand that I will learn to eat better, with better quality, and vegetarianism. I just have to thank her for that.” - Amanda Li

November 2017

“What a wonderful nutritionist!! Melissa taught me to balance my diet. She showed me (and proved after the diet) that a balanced meal has everything and that I don't need to be afraid of any food groups. I learned how to eat by paying attention to food, trying new flavors and walking towards vegetarianism. I just have to thank Melissa for developing my food plan so lovingly, embracing my challenges, especially not having a fixed routine. Thank you! You are amazing” - Flávia Cardoso

october 2017

“Attentive and thorough. Everything I needed for me and for my daughter's food introduction. The exams requested were extremely important, the service was great and complete, without haste, without "diet". My meal plan is amazing, full of things that I love to eat (the result, I'm losing weight eating) and the follow-up is even more special. Highly recommend it and by the way I only talk about her now!” - Natália Fonseca


Where can you find me?

There are many ways we can connect. You can book an online consultation, in person, attend to workshops, free events and also work with me!



1-1 consultations or family consultations. I usually require a minimum of 4 consultations to develop a personal meal plan and educate about nutrition.

Volunteer opportunities

I currently teach nutrition and cooking classes for seniors in Sooke, BC. If you are interested on being a volunteer, please contact me!


It's more like a fun evening with friends talking about nutrition, life, and sometimes parenting. Workshops take place in Victoria, BC.